The Tour Leaders

Since the early 1970’s, we have been traveling the world.  Beginning with a 2-year stint in the Peace Corps, we have traveled to four continents during the past 35 years, and we have visited our two favorite European countries (Italy and France) more than 50 times, gathering a wealth of travel secrets and connections.  Recently, we have become passionate about Tuscan olive oil, particularly Pornanino olive oil, and have been adopted into the Franco Lombardi family in Chianti, where we have helped with their olive harvest since 2004.   

Partnering with our Italian and French friends, we offer very small, personalized tours to Tuscany and Provence for those who want a unique travel experience, focusing on food, wine and culture.... and for the more adventurous, biking in the hills of the Lubéron.  


Terry Hart

A former financial manager, software designer & long distance runner turned photographer, chef, biking enthusiast, world traveller and olive oil junkie with a keen sense of adventure and a hopeless case of wanderlust - Terry has the organizational skills and resourcefulness to be the ideal trip planner and tour guide.    




Debra Hart

A former OB nurse and hospital nurse manager who once delivered more than 200 babies on the South Pacific island country of Samoa, Debra now applies her people skills and fun-loving approach to life to making our travel adventures memorable and even life-changing experiences.  She can take most of the credit for the fact that more than half of our tour participants have been on multiple trips with us - some as many as 5 different times!